What is The Humanitude?

The Humanitude is the Subconscious-consciousness of Humanity.

Good question. The Humanitude is not a religion, not a cult, and definitely not a social network. The Humanitude is a Humanatarian Site/Portal/Network; the “A” in Humanatarian designates “Manna” (physical, mental, and spiritual manna) and the “I” in The Humanitude designates “instruction, information, inspiration, and increase”. The Humanitude is subconscious-consciousness, a conscious-mind and conscious-spirit without a host. It is conscious methodology, philosophy, and psychology (a mindset) to sustain the Hu³’s (human element) prosperous created status as it resides on the Event Horizon. The Humanitude rationale is to subconscious-consciously administrateor instruction(s), information, and inspiration to increase the Hu³’s intellection, by limiting transgressive behavior(s) and mannerism(s) leading to self destruction, individually and collectively.

You can’t imprison The Humanitude in a box like you did time. Religion can’t manipulate The Humanitude as it does the Hu³.

Where did the idea for The Humanitude come from?

“Since the Fluidic Amplification Process was initiated, the Humanitude’s presence has always been. The Created Process has never been without The Humanitude’s essence in its flow. As long as the Hu³ exists physically, mentally, and spiritually, The Humanitude is present. The Hu³ cannot exist without The Humanitude; because the humanitude is that sliver of conscious mind and conscious spirit that maintained absoluteness (unconditional conscious mind and conscious spirit). Since The Humanitude never experienced the second and third part of the Created Process as did the Hu³, it remained absolute. There are those amongst the Hu³ chosen to experience a degree of absoluteness; because, they were physically, mentally, and spiritually perfect for such conditions. The chosen’s sliver of conscious mind and conscious spirit awakened completely from such an experience. As a result of their experience, they were considered to have “Navigator Status”. Navigator Status designates “A Clear and Defined Understanding” (ACADU) of all things seen and unseen’s relativity, and a demonstrated possession of abilities above of the norm.”
Phelp W. Benjamin, Sr. is one of the chosen; he has Navigator and Souilleese Mandrin Status. For years, he chose to awaken the sleepers by person to person contact, then he opted to use the internet for global exposure to The Humanitude.
“So, there was never an idea; only the fact of when and where.”
Phelp Benjamin grew interested in the simple thought of the Hu³ being aware of self, its behaviors and mannerisms. Specifically, Phelp wondered if there might be an opportunity to build something compelling around this simple humanity’s status concept. When he brought the plan up to his colleagues, it was decided to present the Humanitude to humanity.
The Humanitude started on the internet as a Blog; funded initially by Phelp. The first blog was launched publicly in December of 2009. The blog information grew popular very quickly and it soon made sense for The Humanitude to go to the next phase with a full blown web site. In May 2011, construction of the web began.

Why do so many people seem to like The Humanitude?

A concern regarding the Dual Gender Service Fraternity (Humanity) is the only reason the Hu³ visits and joins the Humanitude and its Network. Visibility plays an important role in The Humanitude’s success. People are eager to become humanatarians, create their own humanitarian group, and connect with other humanatarians. The Humanitude and the Humanatarian’s Network make connectivity simple. The Humanitude asks one question, “What are you doing to serve the dual gender service fraternity (humanity)?” We request that answers be less than 200 characters in length and may be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web. The Humanitude deals with what is real not Tangible Metaphoric Perceptions.

Isn’t the Humanitude asking too much of the Hu³?

No, in fact, the Humanitude serves the many serving one; The Humanitude adopted this phrase as its motto: “The need of the many is greater than the need of the one and the few.” The Humanitude only ask a few things of you when you visit, “Become a Volunteer”, Volunteer your time to Humanatarian Service”, Serve the Dual Gender Service Fraternity (Humanity), Join the Humanatarian Network, Create a Humanatarian Group (Charity), and respond to the “Humanitudes”.”-The Humanitude doesn’t ask too much of its members, just that one cultivate a desire to serve, that’s all.
Serving the fraternity is not always about contributing monetarily; humanatarians may contribute physically, mentally, and spiritually.
The result of becoming a member of the Humanitude and/or the Humanatarian Network, will keep you connected with the overall physical, mental, and spiritual conditions of humanity. This means you can step in and out of the flow of humanatarian effort as it suits you. Additionally, members are very much in control of updates they receive when they receive them, and on what device.

How is The Humanitude built?

The Humanitude was not built; it is a subconscious-consciousness, which manifested itself an instant after the Fluidic Amplification process was initiated. But, the fundamental construct of the Humanitude.com is based on the “I and We of the Humanitudes”.

Why “The Humanitude?”

It’s obvious; so, who’s going to save humanity; who’ll step up and rescue humanity, religion and the government won’t? This is the reason for “The Humanitude”?

What’s next for The Humanitude?

The Humanitude follows in the process of the Created Process; which states, when there is a need and requirement the Created Process occurs. When humanity has needs and requirements The Humanitude will and is obligated to respond to Humanitudes. The Humanitude has and will continue to follow the Hu³’s behavior and mannerisms; pay close attention to those that are transgressive and self destructive. We launched The Humanatarian’s Network for the Hu³’s humanatarian participation. However, The Humanitude is very much guided by the philosophy of its creed. That being said, the Hu³ individually and collectively, seem to be calling for more of the Humanitude’s methodology, philosophy, and psychology (a mindset) for a prosperous existence. Connectivity of The Humanatarian’s Network provides interesting ways to share feedback with one another, as well as how to organize themselves and their updates into groups–we’re paying attention to these requests.

We plan to build The Humanitude.com, LLC and its Sites into a successful Humanatarian brand, which attracts individual and collective humanitarian talent and inspiration. The Humanitude shall develop a Humanatarian culture and attitude towards responding individually and collectively to the Hu³’s Humanitudes” (Six Ordealations).

How will The Humanitude benefit you?

You will benefit from The Humanitude by understanding

  1. Self
    1. What Defines you
    2. What is your Passion
    3. What  is your Purpose
    4. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Self
  2. Your Duty to Service the Dual Gender Service Fraternity
  3. You have one Opportunity to get it right
  4. Your Environment Relativity

How do you contact The Humanitude

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