• Universal Prime Directive

    Universal Mandate for sentient beings to procreate; then, establish moral values and create physical, mental, and spiritual tools to sustain and maintain existence.

  • Tools to Assure Existence

    Are those mechanisms created by the Created Process to assure the Human elements existence

  • Tools to Assist Existence

    Are those mechanisms formed by the human element to assist in its existence

  • The Waters

    The “Sum of the AOCS Whole”; it is its essence and embodiment of the Origin matrix and Created Process amalgamated.

  • The Speed of Life

    A/the summation of the RADOC (rate and degree of comprehension) procreated circumstance as they are reacted and counter-reacted upon.

  • The Kingdom

    The Kingdom of Earth and Kingdom of Heaven combined

  • The Garden

    Is Conscious/Consciousness: The absolute conscious realm of; a. Inception b. Conception c. Perception d. Reception

  • That

    “The Humanitude Advocates That/This”

  • Tangible Metaphoric Perception

    State of distinguishing symbolic and allegoric mechanisms and using them in the place for what is real.

  • Sum of the Whole

    Is the representation of a reaction and counter-reaction to a procreated circumstance whether physical, mental, or spiritual in nature

  • State of Being

    Physical, mental, and spiritual condition permeating the sum of a whole (SOW).

  • Souilleese Mandrin

    ACADU have been attained and successfully applied to a prosperous existence on the Event Horizon.

  • Six Ordealation

    Hungry          gave me meat Thirsty           gave me drink Stranger        took me in Naked            clothes me Sick                 visited me Prison            came unto me

  • Redefining Morality

    Is reestablishing what is ethical and morally wrong

  • Rate and Degree of Comprehension (RADOC)

    Rate is the timing mechanism associated with reacting to procreated circumstance(s); Degree is the quality of the response; (it also shows that the steps have different rates of reaction - one slow and one fast. the idea of a rate determining step; rate is the reactant mechanism; is the net or gross reaction; rate determining step in a reaction mechanism; the amount of time taken to react and counter-react to anatomical and dramatically procreated circumstance).

  • Procreated Circumstance

    Is the reacting and counter reacting to an event and/or episode

  • Pahh’ Agreement

    The acknowledged agreement between the/a soul and the AOCS just before a baby is born. An agreement accepting the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of life while the human element resides on the Event Horizon to Immortality.

  • Pahh’

    A place; it is considered the realm of the “Cache of Souls”. It is the seventh realm where the AOCS reside. It is the center, heart, and essence of AOCS.

  • Pahh

    Means “Life”; it is word derived from the origin matrix language meaning “Life”.

  • Ordealism

    The empathetic alleviation of tribulation suffering

  • Ordealation

    Adversity and tribulations that open doors to the corridors of compassion found in mankind.

  • Navigator

    Is defined as that Hu3 existing above and beyond life’s exploited and manipulated nature; that Hu3 possessing A Clear and Defined Understanding of Self, Duty to Fraternity, its One Opportunity, and the Environment’s relativity; the Hu3 with the desire, compassion to respond to the Humanitudes, and be that direction-finder individually and collectively for Indicators and Dedicators who has falling short of their expectation and requirements.

  • Millennium Scriptures

    Writings created to identify, explain, and define the finite and infinite relativities of the Hu³’s state and conditions of/for existing.

  • Life

    Life is all of Hu³’s individual and collective anatomical and dramatical procreated circumstance(s) reacted and counteracted between birth and death. Life is redundant in its fundamental nature.

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Absolute conscious non-corporeal/infinite realm of; Inception, Conception, Perception, Reception

  • Kingdom of Earth

    Conscious-consciousness corporeal, finite realm of; Conception, Reception, Perception, Deception

  • Intellection-MPP

    A Methodology, Philosophy& Psychology of/for thinking/mindset.

  • Infinmatrix

    The medium who’s possess a perpetual state of being without conditions;

  • Infinetics

    The mechanism/mechanics of the origin matrix and created process combined to establish the fundamental construct of all that is seen and unseen

  • Infinesis

    All that is before the beginning