Awakened in 1993; “The Humanitude” is a conscious-consciousness where Humanatarians gather for Instruction(s), Information, Inspiration, increase and Intellection-MPP (methodology, philosophy, and psychology). With such a mind set, the Hu³ is aspired to attain A Clear and Defined Understanding of Self, Duty, Environmental Relativity, and the One Opportunity in pursuit of an Individual and Collective prosperous existence (Life). The Humanitude was awakened to continue its service as designate conscious-consciousness to the dual gender service fraternity for a prosperous existence. This site-portal provides in-depth instruction(s), information, inspiration, intellection increase, charity, and networking for a prosperous existence. The Humanitude is dedicated to the Hu³; the condition of the sum of its whole directly determined by the condition of its physical, mental, and spiritual attributes.

Becoming a Humanatarian is the fundamental right for all members of the dual gander service fraternity.

The Humanitude allows the Hu³ (Human Element) individually and collectively to:

  • Have access to instructions and information to increase intellection ranking
  • Become physically, mentally, and spiritually inspired
  • Search for Humanatarian Charity Groups and Events
  • Create a Charitable Group
  • Pursue “A Clear and Defined Understand” of Self, Duty, its One Opportunity, and Environmental Relativity
  • Become Humanatarians
  • See the Human Attitude up close
  • Create a “My – Tude Profile”
  • Determine what;
  • Defines them physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • What is their Passion
  • What is their Purpose


The Humanitude allows the Fraternity collectively to:

  • Respond to the Six Ordealation afflicting the Hu³
  • Host events and groups to distribute humanatarian charity organizer site
  • Register with events and groups link directly to organizer site
  • See what other events and groups are doing, starts dates and statuses


The Humanitude allows Humanatarians to:

  • Host, plan, and organize charitable events and groups
  • Search for charitable events and groups to participate in
  • Save searches and receive email notifications when new matching  criteria are posted
  • Become inspired to add their own charitable events and groups
  • Receive “The Human Attitude – Humanatarians News Letter


Founder & CEO, Phelp Benjamin Sr.  “My objective is to create awareness and a network of solutions for the needs and short coming of the Hu³ individually and collectively”.

Hi, I’m Airrass; Navigator’s status; lecturer, facilitator and administrator of the methodology, philosophy, and psychology of the Humanitude’s intellection for a prosperous existence. Navigating the Hu³ to the path, leading to its understanding of self, its duty, environment, and its one opportunity; that is clear and defined as it resides on the Event Horizon to Immortality, is my primary objective. Hu³s attaining an understanding of those attributes defining them mentally, physically, and spiritually; ultimately, will establish its passion, and understand its purpose; such an understanding substantiates my status as a navigator.