A Clear and Defined Understanding

An Introduction

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The first of a series of 17 books

A C A D U: A Clear and Defined Understanding-An Introduction.

The first of a series of 17 books, is about the Hu³’s (Human Element’s) individual and collective cognitive and conceptive ability to comprehend definition, meaning, and purpose relativity to procreating and gathering its human experience.

This book introduces the Hu³ to the methodology, philosophy, and psychology of its definition, meaning, and purpose relating to the Origin’s InCeption, Created Process, Human InCeption, Human Process, Creation’s Relativity, and Perfecting the Human Process.

About the Author

Phelp Benjamin is a Humanetics Navigator, transformational leader, coach, lecturer; facilitator and administrator of the methodology, philosophy, and psychology of the Humanitude’s intellection for a prosperous existence. Navigating the Hu³ to the path leading to its understanding of self, its duty, one opportunity and environmental relativity; an understanding that is clear and defined as it resides on the Event Horizon to Immortality, is my primary objective. The Hu³ attaining an understanding of those attributes defining them mentally, physically, and spiritually; ultimately, will establish its definition, meaning, and purpose. Such an understanding substantiates my Navigator's Status.
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